Photography studio in Miami




    Welcome to Glasshaus Studios located in Miami's mid-century architectural (MiMo) inspired historical district. Glasshaus studio is the premier daylight rental space for photographers, designers, advertising agencies, film and TV productions and event planners seeking a unique space.
    Glasshaus has 4,000 sq. feet of indoor space and an additional 7,200 sq. feet of outdoor space featuring a sun deck and a swimming pool.
    Glasshaus's unique 2nd floor location will ensure total privacy for any celebrity or high profile event or production.
    Give us a call for your next shoot or to book an event with us.







Photography studio in Miami
GLASSHAUS STUDIOS    8000 BISCAYNE BLVD, MIAMI, FLORIDA 33138    VOICE 305.759.9904    FAX 305.759.9279